Saturday, February 3, 2018

Warmaster Fantasy Revised Dark Elves Counters

Well, I've been rather quiet on the blog for a long time due to a lack of miniature gaming on my part. This evening I uploaded a revised set of the Dark Elves counters that had been sitting on my computer for ages but never found their way to the blog. Thanks to the keen eye of Harvey, who recently discovered the blog and noticed the absence of the Dark Elves set, I uploaded the revised set this evening. Thanks, Harvey!

I also have rediscovered all the other WM counter projects that I had been working on but sadly abandoned. I want to start taking a crack at them again. On the historical side, my son has gotten interested in gaming Republican Roman v Carthage. I've been thinking about doing this in Warmaster Ancients. Lo and behold, I had started such a project a few years ago, which I had forgotten about. Also several other projects, like Saxons and Arthurian Britons.

On the fantasy end, I had been working on LotR sets for all the armies, new skavens, new chaos, and all the other original army sets I was revising, plus wood elves, chaos dwarves, Bretonians, and traditional undead.

Looks like I have some things to keep me busy on these cold Florida winter days! Plus, I've really been wanting to get back into miniature gaming.

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  1. Warmaster is a game that is FREE to get, until you want to upgrade your paper unit with metal ones. And the sight of two Warmaster armies slugging it out IS a sight to behold.

    It has a good command mechanic that is both simple, represents it’s scale well, and nailbitingly exciting. Not that the combats themselves are much less exiting, mind you.

    The scale of the game erases many of the problems stemming from too much detail, and takes away from fine tuning armies to instead actually winning by being good at playing the game. Troop movement is what wins epic battles, not individual magic swords.

    On the negative side, it does take awhile to set-up, might take you 3 hours to play, and minis and gaming partners may be hard to find. But if you have a gaming group, it might be well worth to have a friend with you going in to this, as I’m pretty sure once the other ones sees what a good game this is, they won’t be long wanting to try it themselves.

    For all of the aforementioned reasons, I will simply state that this game is WORTH the bother. On this note, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, the defense rests.