Monday, September 26, 2011

Road to Victory: M8 Greyhound

The folks at the Road to Victory Military Museum in Stuart, FL brought some of their equipment along to the reenactment. Here are some photos of their M8 Greyhound armored car, which would have been used during recon missions. You can find more information about the Central Florida World War II Museum at their website.


  1. tanks for the update... heh I couldn't help my self

  2. It really is a sweet ride, isn't it! I love the Greyhound. I'd love to drive that about town! The ultimate anti-road rage machine. :-)

    BTW Armchair General published an excellent scenario involving a recon team of three Greyhounds stumbling onto a small advanced German position. I've always wanted to game that. I have to dig it out.

    Next time, I'll take more detailed photos of the equipment.


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