Saturday, April 21, 2012

Road to Victory 2012: Flying Tigers AVG

New this year to the show, Peter Colón represented the Flying Tigers American Volunteer Group. The Flying Tigers were an air unit the US government secretly organized in 1941 to help China fight Japan prior to our engagement in the war. Before speaking with Peter, who is a fascinating person to speak with, Jeremy and I knew little about the Flying Tigers. Peter does chaplain reenacting for WWII (Flying Tigers) and the ACW, and is available to give "in character" living history presentations at schools and other events. It was nice of him to come to the Road to Victory program that day instead of heading down to the ACW reenactment in St. Cloud.

Flying Tigers websites Peter recommends:
Flying Tigers AVG (Official)
Flying Tigers AVG Living History Group
Flying Tigers US

    Peter set up a nice table display about the Flying Tigers and spoke to many people that day.

    Peter has a tri-fold brochure about the Flying Tigers AVG and another for chaplains in WWII and the ACW. I scanned these into a PDF for easy viewing. Click on this image to view and download the PDF in GoogleDocs. The PDF is 14MB large. Since it's a tri-fold, start reading on the far right column, then onto the 2nd page, then back to the 1st page.

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