Sunday, October 21, 2012

I Got the Fever For Rioting Victorians!

What a weekend. Though I've gotten sick again, I tried to do a little painting, finding that fevers and 28mm don't mix well. Still, I soldiered on! I got out my West Wind rioting Victorians and began working on the white shirts. I had already painted the base coats, using three different craft paint colors for the shirts: Warm White, Antique White, and Vintage White. This gives a bit of variety, though after today I've come to prefer using Warm White and maybe Vintage White, with Antique White being a bit too "buttery," if that makes sense. Anyway, on five of the shirts I painted the shadows using two different light shades of grey (all Polly Scale paints since they come lighter than any other hobby paint). Then I gave up. Shame the shadows faded out in this grab shot. Some of these guys are starting to look a little human finally!

Also, I finally got around to taking good quality photos of my Soviets, Westerns, all all my other figures. So in the coming days, look for lots of miniature photos. I even shot photos of all my stalled projects and some of the lead mountain stuff as well. It was really cathartic for some odd reason. Maybe I'll even slip in some photos of the League HQ Lounge. Of course, I'll need to get permission from The Queen Mum (aka my wife), Gawd Bless, Her!, before I reveal such state secrets. And, I'll have to promise her that I won't tell anyone of the new League Secret HQ being constructed under the North Pole or the Airship Fleet we're building in Dontunnastan. ...oops...


  1. I agree with Brummie! Great painted figures!


  2. Thanks, fellas. BTW love the blog, Peter!

  3. Very nice painting. The figures are very expressive and you've brought that quality out with your paint.


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