Sunday, June 9, 2013

Painting Nosferatus--Flesh Color Suggestions Needed

I recently began working on West Wind's pack GH-47 Nosferatu 2. Below are some progress shots of my first attempt. To be honest, I am really stumped what color I should paint the flesh. Until now, I've always used the P3 Paint flesh colors, like Kardic Flesh and Midlund Flesh up to the, lightest Ryn Flesh.

Anyone out there with suggestions on what colors to use for painting the flesh on these classic vampires? I have many others to paint. It doesn't seem like Reaper makes any "vampire triads," which seems odd considering how many horror minis they make. Also, I'd appreciate suggestions about what colors to paint the coat and cyberpunk collar. Once I began drybrushing the white, I realized this fellow had more going on with him than I thought when it was bare metal.

1) I drybrushed the flesh white to make it easier to apply the light flesh colors over the black primer.

2. A sloppy shot of the mini somewhere in the process of painting from shadow to highlights. Yeah, I paint flesh sloppy. ;-)

3. The colors I wound up using for the Nosferatu's pallor. The Khaki gives it a bit off an odd tint that doesn't show as well in the photos. I'd rather not do this again, though!

4. I always clean up my messes. :-) The dude has a beard! I didn't realize that when it was bare metal. I fear I might have made the lower lip a bit too red that it's too noticeable?

5. I've applied the top Morrow White highlights to the ear tips, knuckles, ect. Still, lots more work to be done on the hands. I like how it's turning out.

6. Prior to painting the flesh, I never noticed "cyberpunk" look of this fellow, especially the collar. I figured I'd paint the coat a light black but I'm a bit puzzled about the collar. What color should I paint the collar and the coat? Black? Or maybe something else for contrast? Ideas?

7. Gotta love the rotten look of the coat. Well, that's it for now. Suggestions always appreciated.


  1. Maybe a pale blue-grey wash to give it a corpse-like pallor?

  2. I'd do the spines/radial members of the Collar a colour that matches the belting/straps on his chest. Maybe something metallic that doesn't pop too much?

    Try the rest of the collar a dark (as in tending towards black, rather than a deep/intense hue) red. Maybe like a GW Red Gore type thing. The robe can probably be black, but once you've added some colour you can re-assess how it's coming together.

    1. I'll have to see what dull metalics I have. That might work. The deep red is a good idea. Maybe try to blend it from lighter at the top to darker at the bottom. Good idea. If it looks bad, repainting won't be too time consuming.

  3. I guess if the monster needs a fill-up, then I would paint him a color similar to TamsinP's suggestion. If the monster has just recently imbibed and is full, then a pretty flushed pinkish flesh color would probably do the Count just right.

  4. Looks good! I like using Palid Flesh and then making a wash using on part palid flesh and 1 part Liche Purple mixed with a bit of water. Then dry brushing a bit of palid flesh mixed with white over the fig, and then doing a bit of highlighting with white.

    1. You know, I didn't think about seeing what GW uses. The Pallid Flesh is discontinued now. After a quick search, I did find the paint compatibility chart at Dakkadakka. That might be another good variation. I have a lot of vampire-types to paint, from vampire kids to Reaper's vampires. I also found this Pallid Flesh tutorial at dakkadakka:

      Thanks for the suggestions. These help!


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