Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Packing Up for Summer Conventions

Headin' for the con!
This summer my son and I will be attending two conventions in the area: Rapier 2014 in Jacksonville next month and Dice Tower Con in July down by Seaworld. This will be our first trip to Rapier, and we're looking forward to it. We're going to bring some games along to Rapier, but we haven't decided what to bring. Right now, I'm leaning toward bringing Star Trek: Fleet Captains for 4-players. I'll probably drag along some of our wargames, maybe the Topside Minis naval counters. We'll have to see how it all unfolds between now and then. More later.


  1. Enjoy your father and son trek to the conventions!

    1. Thanks, Jay. He and I both need a break. He just graduated college three weeks ago. The past few months have been nothing but high stress as he's been wrestling with colleges for graduate school and scholarships, hence we've done no gaming or anything fun for a long time. (I'm exhausted!) He finally made his decision today for grad school--thank goodness! :-)


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