Friday, March 27, 2015

Quick Update

The blog has been quite lately. Psoriatic arthritis finally has hit me (left hand, base of my spine, and right foot where achilles joins the heel), so I've been up an down physically and emotionally. But we soldier on. I'm getting back into the swing of things a bit.

I was excited to see that MJ12 released the 3rd edition of Grand Fleets. I dabbled with 2nd edition's demo rules and liked the system. I wanted to use the rules with my WWI counters from Topside Minis but didn't want to buy a set of rules that were in limbo of being updated. When the 3rd edition came out, I got them. Not a bad price for a PDF at $11. The downside is that I'll have to stat out most of the Topside WWI ships by hand. It shouldn't be too difficult. I won't be using the hexes though. (I also looked at Victory at Sea for WWI, but once again it was a pretty much dead game needing serious revision, causing me to pass on it. I do have the WWII books though.)

GMT also released the 5th edition of their WWI game, Paths of Glory. This was #1 on my son's want list for a long time, so I picked it up for him as a birthday present. Cool Stuff has a nice 33% discount to boot. It should hit the table soon.

Earlier this week, I started working on some more Warmaster counter sets--finally! The Araby set it almost complete.

I also picked up Heroes of Normandie and played with it a bit. It looks like a fun board game for WWII. I like the artwork as well.

So that's all for now. Just a quick post.


  1. lots of interesting gaming going on then.

    1. Yeah, it is quite varied! (Was going to play PoG this weekend but didn't. The weather was just so nice here in central FL we had to go out. Upper 60s and sunny. Today 80. :-)

  2. Feedly showed you pulled your post about conventions, which is too bad, because I thought it had merit.

    1. You inspired me to repost it, so it's back online. I was so hoping to have a better time and make some new friends. My emotions got to me at the end of the post.


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