Saturday, December 5, 2015

Warmaster Ancients - Britons & Celts Counter Set

This set is based on the Britons' army list in the Warmaster Ancients core rule book. It can work for anything during the 1st centuries BC and AD, including the Caesarian and Claudian invasions. It can also work for Irish and Caledonian armies. While all the units from the army list are present in barbaric horde quantities, I've also taken the liberty of adding some "bonus" units: Noblemen with more armor that can be used a variety of basic Warriors or treat them as Medium Infantry with Armour 6+ for 45 points. If you would like a little "magic" in your armies, there is a Shaman counter, if you want to add such a person. I've also added a number of "named" Generals if you would like to create a specific army; these images are generals from Foundry and Warlord 28mm miniatures. Of course, you could also use the counters for other games, such as DBA or Impetus. I enjoyed creating this set and hope you enjoy it.

Printing the Counters
I hope some of you find these counter sets useful.You can print these at office printing places, like Staples, using heavy card stock paper printed at actual size. You can also print on regular paper and then glue the counters to wooden bases. (Check the older posts on how I did this with my Empire army.) Currently, I'm printing the counter sets at Staples using regular paper, spray gluing the back of each sheet with Super77, attaching each sheet to an old comic book backing board, and then cutting out the counters using a sharp Xacto knife with steel ruler. Using the backing boards makes for cheap, sturdy counters.

Click on the counter set image above to download the complete
Britons-Celts counter set in PDF format.

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