Sunday, July 31, 2016

Black Cross / Blue Sky Lost Squadrons Squadron Cards

The plane cards below are for the Lost Squadrons expansion to the Black Cross / Blue Sky WWII aerial wargame. You can find the base game's set at my previous post, Black Cross / Blue Sky Squadron Cards. Since in the previous post I explain how to use these cards with the game, I won't repeat myself here.

A special thanks goes out to zippyfusenet, Fatman, Dennis, and all the other fellows over at The Miniatures Page for their help providing stats and corrections for this and the base game set of plane cards. I hope you enjoy using them. Next on my list is to buy and paint some planes for the game!

Sample Pics of Some Squadron Cards

Links to Black Cross / Blue Sky -
"Lost Squadrons" Squadron Cards:
LS Card - British Fairey Battle
LS Card - British Fairey Fulmar Mk. II
LS Card - British Spitfire Mk. II
LS Card - British Gladiator
LS Card - British Swordfish
LS Card - British Wellington
LS Card - Dutch Fokker D.XXI
LS Card - Dutch Fokker T.V
LS Card - Dutch G.IA Faucher
LS Card - French Amiot 143M
LS Card - French Dewoitine D.520
LS Card - French H75 A-4
LS Card - French LeO 451b
LS Card - French MB.152
LS Card - French M.S. 406
LS Card - French Potez 631
LS Card - German Ju-52/3M
LS Card - Polish PZL P.11c


  1. What scale are you going with. My collection is mostly 1/300th, with some 1/285th, but I think I would go 1/600th if I was starting today.


    1. I'm not sure. I was leaning toward 1/300 but 1/600 has a strong appeal as well, plus a big cost savings.


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