Thursday, February 11, 2021

Beastmen Warmaster Fantasy Paper Army

The Beastmen are the true Children of Chaos. Grotesque hybrids of fierce animal and primitive human, these horned and stinking warrior-beasts infest the blighted forests that cover the Old World. Their savage tribes explode from the depths of the haunted woods to wage bitter war against the civilized races. So profound is the Beastmen's hatred of order and reason that they seek to drag the world kicking and screaming into a barbaric and primal age. -- Warhammer 7th Edition

Finally, my Beastmen counter set has arrived. You can find the army list for Beastmen in Warmaster Revolution 1.1 and in Warmaster Trial Armies (2009). I think you should be able to get a 2000 point army out of these counters. Most of the images are of Games Workshop miniatures from across their Beastmen ranges. Even some old Foundry and Harlequin miniatures are in the set. As always, I try to allow gamers to customize their units (mixing and matching stands) as much as I can, which is why some units, like Dragon Ogres and Minotaurs, have more units than needed.

I have never played Beastmen in Warmaster or Warhammer, so this was a new army for me. I know there are 10mm Beastmen out there from Pendraken at least. I do have some 15mm Beastmen from Splintered Light's Kickstarter last year or so. I got those for Dragon Rampant, but the miniatures sit unpainted. Each of the units in the 'skirmish' set I got from the kickstarter is short a few miniatures for units in DR. But that is another story for another post.

Well, I hope some of you find this Beastmen set useful.

Printing the Counters
You can print the counter sheer at places like Staples, using 110lb card stock paper printed at actual size. You can also print on regular paper and then glue the counters to wooden bases. (Check the older posts on how I did this with my Empire army.) Do not print the pdf to "fit margins." Always print at 100%.  I like printing the counter sets on good copy paper, spray gluing the dull side of a 'Silver Age' comic backing board with Super 77, attaching a sheet to the board, and then cutting out the counters using a sharp Xacto knife with a steel ruler. Using the backing boards makes for cheap, sturdy counters. I like keeping the shiny side down to make moving them easier on a table. (Note: This set is designed to fit Silver Age and larger comic backing boards.)

Click on the counter set images below to download the the complete army counter set in PDF format.

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