Saturday, May 7, 2022

Had a Blast at Recon 2022 in Orlando

Just when everyone thought the blog was dead, it rises again!

This year, I decided to re-join HMGS and attend Recon 2022 here in Orlando, which happened two weeks ago. I also got my son to come along. He's 31 now, has his own life, but had the time free. Over the years, he's really gotten into board wargaming along with his regular board gaming hobby.

I really didn't know what to expect at the con. It had been 7 years since we last went to an HMGS South con. It just wasn't my scene. (I've also been away from miniature gaming for a long time--curse you Magic the Gathering!) Seems like a lot has changed in 7 years! We had a blast. So many different games to play. Everyone was great. This post will be a quick glance. More to come later.

Friday 1pm We Arrive

We arrived at the con on Friday at 1pm, so it was just getting ready to start ramping up. Jeremy snapped a quick photo of the floor. Jerry Boles is off to the right, playing a large Luftwaffe 1946 game. Seems like he has dropped Black Cross/Blue Skies, which I still own. I decided not to play one of those games this con. I wanted to play different things.

AWI With Pete Panzeri

Jeremy and I both got into a 25mm AWI game run by Pete Panzeri using his own rules. It had been many years since we last played a game together! Pete is a laid back guy and just fun to game with. The set up was huge, using Old Glory figures. I loved playing with those figures. So much character and a trip down memory lane.

Jeremy snapped this photo of me jawboning with two other players. I'm in the center. My gaming partner is to my left, seriously thinking about our strategy. We played British heading toward Yorktown on what was to be a suicide mission in real life. Sam on my right was playing the Rebels trying to delay us bringing up the artillery. I'm going on about "The Rock of Gibraltar" on the table and how did that Rebel artillery get up it? Sam and I kept cracking up. Pete claimed it was just a low hill in the game. Sure it was. :-)

Cruel Seas is My New Thing

On Saturday, Jeremy got into a large Cruel Seas game and loved it. He snapped this quick photo of it. I got into a 15mm War of the Roses game using To The Strongest, run by Daniel Moreno. I'll hit my thoughts on the rules in a future post. Anyway, Jeremy liked CS so much I picked up an Amazon Warehouse deal on the starter box for $40 after tax. I've begun researching coastal actions and painting, so look for those shortly.

Random Dude With Awesome Shirt

Jeremy loved taking photos of people with awesome shirts. This was one he snapped Saturday.

I hope you liked this quick peek at Recon 2022. Much more to come...

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