Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Painting WWII Soviet Infantry - Part 6C:
Finished Black Tree Design 28mm Infantry

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Part 6A: Finished Black Tree Design 28mm Infantry
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Part 6C: Finished Black Tree Design 28mm Infantry

This is the final installment in this series of articles on painting 28mm Soviet WWII miniatures. I've enjoyed writing the articles for this project, and by the looks of it if many of you guys also have enjoyed the project. A big thank you to everyone! I have more articles I'd like to post, such as one dealing with good Soviet WWII reference books and using paper building models for urban WWII fighting, but they will be stand-alones. Always something to blog about! Now I just need to find time and motivation. :-)

Two Photos Below: So here are the last of the painted miniatures. These are the helmeted soldiers. While I like the Black Tree Design miniatures, I wish they had more guys wearing medals. The Soviets loved giving out medals. The NCO in the center is wearing a medal for the Battle of Stalingrad. I'll add a bit more scenery material to some of the bases, but I'm going to take Margard's suggestion and not clutter them up.

Photo Below: Here are figures I'm still working on. I have some officers to finish, a scene with guys eating food, some snipers, and a prone LMG crew. As for unprimed miniatures, I have a pack of dismounted tank crew, two Maxim machine gun crews, and a pack of anti-tank rifles. I would also like some female soldiers, but I don't know of anyone doing these in 28mm. I had been a bit exhausted working on this project, but am getting ready to go back and work on it again.


  1. Another wonderful display of top notch figure painting. BTW: are you glazing? Such as using Future Floor Finish in the paint to give the effect of translucency. I am assuming you are utilizing acrylic paints. Whatever your method...it works well!!

  2. Agh! I wrote this long reply, Jay, only to have google reject it as too long. I'll make it a full post later this week. :-)