Friday, December 21, 2012

London Mob: First Finished Figure

Yesterday, I finally finished the first of figure from my West Wind "London Mob" pack. A couple weeks ago, I had finished most of the figure except the cap and tie. That was the same time when I finished the London Thug figure I posted earlier. However, I just didn't like the highlighting I did on this fellow--the highlighting was too mild. I keep thinking this is a "problem" I've been having. I've been afraid I might "go to far" with highlighting. Then I decided to go for it, adding a new lighter highlight coat to everything. The result is below. It looks even better in real life when the eye blends all the colors. (Blowing figures up 3x in a pic is always rough!) Now, the figure is much more dramatic and closer to what I want my skirmish figures to look like. I think he has become my favorite miniature I've painted. You know, sometimes we just need to enjoy our own work. :-) Problem is, now I want to go back and redo some of my older figures! Oh yeah, several more figures are almost done. I redid their highlighting as well when I redid this fellow.

The base color on the coat is Vallejo Russian Green. The final highlight is Ceramcoat Wedgwood Green. I can't remember the color of the intermediate highlight. I think I just mixed in  bit of white? I forgot to write it down--drats! So much for using the blog to remember what I'm doing....

You don't want to know how many different colors I painted the hat before I settled on brown! One of the figures I'm painting is on the third or fourth color for his jacket. I also repainted the trousers on four other figures until the colors looked good. Not only must we learn how to paint, we must learn how to be fashion designers, picking good color combinations! Sometimes painting armies is sooooo much easier. LOL.

The coat's shadow color is Black Green. I'm trying to work on wet-blending colors. Now I need to finish the base.


  1. Nice job. I'd stay out of way, he looks determined.

  2. Not a chap to cross on a dark night, great job Sir.

  3. You've done a lovely job with him, we'll done sir!

  4. Nice work really like the colours chosen

  5. Thanks fellas! (Sorry I'm a bit late with this.)