Thursday, December 27, 2012

Next Gaming Project: Girls und Panzer

I have just discovered my next gaming project: the new Japanese anime series Girls und Panzer. I got my inspiration from today's email from Dragon Models USA, announcing the release of their new 1/35 kits for some of the tanks from the show in their Platz Models range. My current favorite is the red Stug with the banners, though I really wish they had the pink M3 Lee. There is just something special about school girls driving a pink tank into battle. Ok, I'm being silly. But these are real models for a real TV series. I don't build 1/35 kits, but if they were 1/72 diecast I probably would get them just for kicks. Come to think about it, Girls und Panzer just might make an interesting convention game.... I am so doomed. 

The Pink M3 Lee


  1. Ok, may have to see if can see this on Hulu or Netflix, weird watching something that was in Japanese with English and German bastardized together.

  2. while I could never bring myself to paint these, I think you might be on to something as a game.

  3. Can't find the show online anywhere since it's so new. My son--the anime expert in the house--and I watched some of the clips online. He said is was just a bit too weird for him to get into. I don't know. I laughed a lot. Dropping in German words was really weird. At least the kids weren't cat girls, I guess.

    In 28mm, we could use Eureka's Kung Fu School Girls packs for the kids and cut down some of them for drivers. Plus there are other resin figures available. It would make for a wild game that would garner attention, I'm sure! The tanks in the show move amazingly fast!


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