Tuesday, December 11, 2012

League HQ Lounge

Not sure why I'm posting this pic, but here is part of the League HQ Lounge (aka game room / man room). This is about 1/4 of the room, where most of the "action" takes place and where many great minds have gathered to debate current and historical affairs of grave consequence. (Well, not really. But we usually have plenty of good snacks!)

Unless I need to set up some folding tables, we play our games on an old solid 3'x5' dining room table. I also do all my painting there. The junky office chair went in the trash several weeks ago. For some reason, I find the height and fit of the old rocking chair to be just right for painting, so I keep it on. I have more comfortable chairs out of camera shot.

My computer workstation sits off to the left, just out of the shot. The room is a converted bedroom with its own bathroom with shower and walk-in closet. To the back out of camera shot is an open space where we can set up a few folding tables. Plus I have my old Western-style sofa along the far wall--my wife hates it, but I love it. Over all, it's a clean, comfy place. I like it. Now I just need to clean out the closet!


  1. What an excellent game/man room! Very jealous :)

  2. This is a reminder to me to reorganize my own hobby room. It's far less tidy than yours!

  3. dam your table would fill my painting room, then again my Dad has just retired and has a wargames room in the loft with an 8x4 table.
    Peace James
    Exiles Painting

  4. I forgot when I posted the photo but remembered later. I had just finished redoing the room a few months ago which is why I snapped the photo, so it was nice and clean. Trust me--that table usually is not that tidy!


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