Friday, January 11, 2013

Get Off My Lawn, You #$*# Kids!

Well, today ends the first week of teaching a new semester. As always, it took quite a bit out of me, especially by the evening. As I'm getting older, it seems to be taking more out of me than it used to. (While sitting on the sofa in the afternoon or evening, I'll suddenly fall asleep without realizing it. Ahhh! I've become my grandmother!) So no model work got done, and I was online very little this week--usually to check the forums during an office break or other "breaks." I haven't had any time to even glance at all the blogs I follow! Anyway...

Below is a West Wind gentleman that I had painted a couple years ago. However, a couple weeks ago I decided to tweak the original painting a bit. I applied new highlights to his coat for better contrast. I also highlighted the scarf, beard, gloves, cuffs, and other bits. I love this guys and always think of him yelling "Get off my lawn!" My only gripe is that his scarf is sculpted very oddly once it wraps around his collar. Part of it just seems to end halfway down the right collar. Not much we can do about that, but it's a mistake that just bugs me. This fellow is painted using only craft paints, except for his flesh, which is always Privateer Press Paints.


  1. Butt Mr. Scrooge, it's Christmas! He looks very curmudgeonly. I like the blue in his overcoat. Nicely done.
    Cheers, Mike

  2. I didn't think about it, but now I need a Bob Cratchit and Tiny Tim figure. I see a theme brewing! LOL. Look what you've done to me, Mike! :-)