Friday, January 4, 2013

Another London Thug I'd Hate to Meet in an Alley

Earlier this week, I finished a couple more of the West Wind rioting thugs and mob figures, and redid the highlighting on another old figure from the London Gentlemen pack. I'll be posting those photos during the weekend. First up, is another figure from the London Thug pack. These guys really look the business and have been fun to paint.

The Figure and Paints
You might notice that this figure reuses the head and hat from London Mob figure I posted a couple weeks ago. I've noticed that West Wind likes to do this with several figures across different packs, but the same thing happened many times with my Black Tree Design Soviets. No big deal to me. However, I painted this guy's jacket using Vallejo Russian Green, as I did it's "twin" from the other pack. I wasn't thinking about it until it was too late. I guess their mommy likes to coordinate their colors. His shirt is Americana Warm White with light grey shadows and P3 Morrow White for highlights. Morrow White is probably the brightest white I have found.

I haven't based any of these figures yet. I'm tempted to make their bases look more like streets since these guys would look good like that. I don't think they will cross over into Western games! Something to ponder, I guess.

Get Them Done!
I'm hoping to finish these guys soon because I'm itching to work on some werewolves and vampire kids. You know, I'd like to actually play a game for a change. I've been cobbling around with my own rule set and am itching to put it into action. More photos to come this weekend.


  1. Nice! I gather there is no mercy forthcoming from this mug.

    1. Nope, these guys have no mercy, even when loaded up with too much liquor. :-)


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