Thursday, January 17, 2013

Pistol Packing Something Something

For the past couple days, life here has been turned upside down. My wife was robbed at Walmart. The thieves, a young Asian woman and man, stole her handbag right out from under her. No one was hurt, but they got away. So after the police, we got out ahead of the game and began locking down all our accounts and putting our fraud alerts. The bank helped a lot yesterday. It's been crazy and stressful. I don't feel like going into all the details. Thank goodness for ant-anxiety meds! So be careful out there!!!

To relax a bit tonight, here's a shot of some Western figures from Old Glory and West Wind. When I took these photos in October, I should have organized them by pack to make life easier. Sorry about that. I was in just too much of a rush to take the photos

Figures Left to Right:
 1 & 4) MW-105 - Tombstone 10 Figure Bag (Old Glory)
This bag actually has some nice figures I think. They are for the Gunfight at the OK Corral. They look much better painted than on their website. The figure on the far left I call Doc Hartley because he looks like my neurologist of the same name. The figure on the far right my son named Lon, though he looks nothing like my best friend of the same name back in PA. People really like Lon because I was able to get the blending just right on him. Sometime we all get lucky, eh?

2) ZCW-12 The Cattle Barron and Boys #2 (West Wind)
Welcome to the Gun Show! One of the few Western figures in a fistacuffs pose. Right away, I saw him as Seamus McFly from Back the the Future III! So he had to have read hair and talk in a really bad brogue.

3) ZCW-16 Mexican Rancheria and Vaqueros #2
The man in black. I really like this figure, along with his bandito partner I'll post in a bit. The pose is fun and it was easy to paint. His shirt is an off white craft paint.


  1. Sorry to hear about that comrade. What you need is that fine looking posse in 1:1 scale.

  2. Great work! Sorry to hear about the robbery, karama will catch them.

  3. Nice work, CP. Fine painting.

    I hope the-powers-that-be catch them soon.

  4. Well, my emotions are all over the place today. I probably should not be posting on forums as a result. ;-) I was really hoping to enjoy the four day weekend I have this weekend, getting some painting and gaming in, maybe pop down to Disney World, but I'm just a wreck and exhausted. Still more "clean up" of this mess to do. Trust me, I wish I could form a posse! Where is The Duke when we need him!

  5. Nice work great looking figures and paintjobs, Hope they catch the gits.

  6. Hardest part of getting robbed is the lingering sense of vulnerability. Hope your wife is doing okay. Figs look great!


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