Thursday, June 26, 2008

Do You Have The Latest "Ant Man"?

I'm not really quite sure what to say about this photo other than those guys sure look impressed with the selection of comics. My son, Jeremy (aka Rover Dill), built this scale comic shop several weeks ago. It occupied a corner of our enclosed patio until we had to dispose of it this week. We hated doing it but had no choice. Even though the store was making a good profit, selling mostly to pro-wrestlers and evil villains, it was starting to get "unwanted" customers of the small, crunchy kind.

For the floor, Jeremy used tiles from Home Depot. Eveything else is cardboard. He practically used my entire bottle of $5 Weldbond, which is the best white glue ever made, and an entire box of finishing nails. He snagged images of comic book covers off the Internet, shrank them using Paint Shop Pro, and printed them. It was pretty neat. He saved the "comics." Maybe someday he'll open up a new store in the better side of town.

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