Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Old Glory Female African Explorer

One of the figures from Old Glory's large pack LAT-10 Explorers Missionaries Renegades and Constables. She definitely has that Old Glory look to her, but painted up better than she looked in raw metal. I started her three years ago, but left he unfinished until recently. Not my best work, but I had fun painting her hair red. Unfortunately, I still can't find my notes on what colors I used. I also can't find the rest of the figures from her pack! Sigh. I seem to lose miniatures, like a black hole suddenly opens and sucks them in. Same thing happened a few years ago to my box of 6mm Eldar from Space Marine and a box of my Heroclix. Who knows.

Still gotta finish her base!


  1. Seems like she'd also make a pretty decent River Song for those of us who are into Doctor Who :)

    ps: what is "that Old Glory look"? Lumpiness? Or just proportions?

    1. Thicker arms, the belt, a bit thicker, and a bit more angular. On the table, they look just as good as other models IMO. The downside is that she's part of that pack. When I bought the pack, I had the Old Glory Army card, which made the price pretty good. Unfortunately, I can't find what I did with most of the figures from the pack! I fear they might have slipped out the door during a house-wide spring cleaning.

  2. Hmm... just looked it up. Only sold as part of a huge pack for almost $40, with likely high shipping to Canada. Sigh... no Dr. Song for me... (actually, Crooked Dice sells a decent proxy, but I kind of like this one's pose)

  3. Her pose really is nice. Painting her hair red also helps her look menacing on the table!

    BTW I've just started watching the rebooted Dr Who series on Netflix. I'm having fun with it on our new 60" HDTV--it just didn't do it for me back on our old tube TV--now it's great.

  4. Looks like River Song, right! good eyes, you have Allison!

    what are the "rebooted" Dr Who series ?
    "Old" Series with Sylvester Eccleston and David Tennant or the new one with this horrific Matt Smith ?
    or the oldest ones of the first series?

  5. The one with Eccelston. I just finished watching the third episode, with Dickens, about half and hour ago. I've been calling it the "rebooted" series when I mention it to my son. He's not into Dr Who at all. He says the whole thing confuses him and is too weird, too "British". Saying it was "rebooted" is my way of trying to get him interested beyond the premier episode where we meet Rose--so far no success. He has become obsessed with Dark Shadows though! (He loves it because it's like his classic 1960s and 1970s horror comics.) Dr Who is too weird for him, but Dark Shadows is awesome. College kids--go figure. LOL.

    1. "Doctor? You look more like a navvy."

      In my opinion, the Ninth Doctor's best eps might have been "The Empty Child" and its sequel "The Doctor Dances" ("End of the World" was also good). Without spoiling it, very creepy indeed. I got tired of Rose as a companion but she did add some fun stuff to the show, mainly with her nutty mom and slightly chav outlook.

  6. the better ones! I think that Rose was the best "girl-friend" of the Doctor!
    Maybe you can try with Martha Jones !
    We are all fans of the Doctor in my family but we stop to see it with the season started with Matt Smith ...
    Dark Shadows? don't know this serie...

  7. Dark Shadows was an old gothic soap opera from the late 60s into 71. It has ghosts, zombies, werewolves, vampires, lots of bad acting, cheesy effects. Basically, the movie Van Helsing as a TV series. LOL. I never got into it as a kid since I was too young, but then again I wouldn't have been allowed to watch it anyway.

    Here is the Wikipedia link to the show:

    1. thanks!
      I've seen that there is a Tim Burton movie (2012) "Dark Shadows", with J.Depp (!), Eva Grean, Helena Bonham Carter, etc...
      the same story it seems.
      I dislike Zombies, Vampires etc... so I'm not very interested!

      If you are not allowed to see the TV Series, buy the DVD and you gove it to your son, but in exchange, you see it with him!

      (always possible to look at the serie on your computer...)