Friday, February 22, 2013

West Wind Pinkertons #2

This afternoon, I shot some photos of my latest figures I finished painting last week and this week since I've rediscovered my "mojo." I was actually painting these figures at night--during mid-week no less--something I haven't done in a couple years! I guess we all get a bit frustrated at times. But I still am planning to do more smaller-scale painting.

To Base or Not to Base
By the way, I realize that I have a tendency to take photos of my figures before I take them off their bottle caps or before I finish their bases, but I get so excited when I finish them that I want to get photos posted right away. Plus, I know how long it can take me to finish bases. I really hate getting my fingers in the putty and ballast, especially when the skin on my fingers is going through its monthly peeling like they are now. (Typing isn't much fun today either! Just a bit painful.) So there is my "non-apology apology" for taking pics of un-based figures! LOL! Okay, let's get to some photos.

A Pinkerton Always Gets His Man
Today's figure is from West Wind's pack ZCW-28 The Pinkertons #2. I began this figure way back in the summer of 2008. For the past four years it has been sitting in my painting drawer, nothing but black primer and painted flesh. He's not the most exciting figure in my collection, and his face is not the best sculpted, causing me to shove him to the back of the drawer. He's okay, but I had so many other "cooler" Western figures I wanted to paint before him.

I decided to paint this fellow charcoal grey, allowing him to go good guy or bad guy as players desire. The brown trousers was a custom mix that I can't remember and his vest is a simple red. A fancier paint job using stripes or plaids might have made him a bit more exciting, but I chose to play it safe with solid colors. In the end, I've come to like him. He's definitely not a hero figure, more like an "extra" to fill out a posse, someone that dies easily and quickly. So I guess that "plain" sometimes can be good!

My Glorious Plans for the Future!
Starting tomorrow or this weekend, depending on my schedule, we'll go from this rather basic Western fellow back to my crazy, bloody-knife-wielding and sledgehammer-wielding Victorians. And maybe some more Western fellows. And a few interesting odds-and-ends we've found in the local thrift shops. Due to our schedules, we probably won't be getting in any games until later in March. But I hope to have some surprises in store within several weeks. Trust me, we all have been wanting to get our miniatures on the table and have been working toward that goal. (Hopefully, Agent Abel is listening!)


  1. Nice work. I vote to base, to me it adds so much to a model and brings to life the model's character.

    1. I agree. I just have to wait until I'm able to do it physically and have enough minis to make it worthwhile. Plus, that reminds me that I need to put in an order with Scenic Express for some tufts and other stuff.

  2. Hey, CP, the Pinkerton detective looks great. A bit of green stuff mustache or chin whiskers might make him more suited to your designs for his character. Look at it as a "raise" for him to new heights of gaming responsibility and accountability!

  3. He looks good! I like the colours but agree w Jaythat some whiskers might help.

  4. I didn't think of whiskers, but I think that would have helped. I could have added the sideburns on the left side of his face to match those on his left. I had to paint 'fake' burns so his face balanced out more. I wish his shoes had been sculpted a bit better. Shame because his partner figure in the pack is just so much neater.


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