Thursday, February 28, 2013

ZCW-28 The Pinkertons #2 & More

As promised last week, here are the two foot figures from West Wind's The Pinkertons #2 pack. I really like the buckskin-clad fellow and painted him a while ago. He is shorter than most of the other WW figures, so I nicknamed him "Shorty." Just don't call him that to his face, otherwise you'll get a taste of his Model 1855 Colt Repeating Carbine. (What other miniature company has shooters wielding this weapon? Such a nice change of pace from Winchesters and Shotguns!)

The photo of ZCW-28 from the Old Glory website.
You can see how Shorty is shorter than other WW figures, which is more realistic to me as long as the weapons don't shrink as well. The John Wayne figure is from ZCW-10 US Marshalls & Deputies #2. The bandito is from ZCW-16 Mexican Rancheria & Vaqueroe #2. The gaunt fellow on the right is from ZCW-22 Western Town Characters; he is my undertaker painted using P3 Coal Black.

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