Friday, April 30, 2021

Norse Warmaster Ancients Paper Army

If you like Dark Age armies with tons of infantry and nothing but infantry, this army should appeal to you. This is the third of my Dark Age paper armies from the original Warmaster Ancients core rulebook: the Norse, the Normans, and the Anglo-Saxons. All these armies fought one another. If you are playing in 10mm, all the usual sources have a line of Norse miniatures. You can find a list of 10mm manufacturers on the Norman army page.

Norman Army Rules
Norse Warmaster Ancients Army List
As always, you can use the Warmaster Army Selector website to create Norse army lists. As I've done for the other two armies, I've also included a scan of the Norse army page from the Warmaster Ancients rulebook. This is the only army list for the Norse. Other than a fantasy version for Warmaster Revolution, no other historical variant has been published that I am aware of.

I have also included a scan of the Norse page from the Ancients rulebook, listing all the army information and tactics. You can download it as a pdf file by clicking its image to the right. No variant army lists were posted for the Norse, but the fantasy-based Warmaster Revolution does have their own Norse list.

Printing the Counters
Print the counter sheets at actual (100%) size. Do not print to "fit margins." You can cut the counters and then use them how you like. If printing on cardstock, for example, 110lb has worked well for me. You could also glue the counters onto wooden stands from Litko, giving them a miniatures feel. I sized this set so each page of counters will fit on a cheap 'Silver Age' comic backing board. Spray glue the sheet onto the backing board, and then cut out the counters using a sharp Xacto knife with a steel ruler. The counters will last a long time this way. However you do it, I hope you enjoy using this set of counters. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Click on the counter set images below to download the the complete army counter set in PDF.

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